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Appili Announces First Health Canada Filing of REEQONUS (Favipiravir)

Subject: Appili Announces First Health Canada Filing of REEQONUS (Favipiravir) Tablets for Mild-Moderate Treatment of COVID-19

Appili Therapeutics (TSX: APLI) recently announced that it has filed an application with Health Canada to approve the use of REEQONUS (favipiravir) tablets for mild to moderate treatment of COVID-19. This is the first filing for oral solid tablets for COVID-19 treatment under Health Canada’s new Interim Order Respecting the Importation, Sale and Advertising of Drugs for Use in Relation to COVID-19. Appili, in partnership with Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories and Global Response Aid, is working closely with Health Canada on an expedited review of the drug application given the severity of the COVID-19 crisis. Even as a vaccine rollout begins across the country, the need for prophylactic and early treatments remains high. Favipiravir’s known safety profile and oral tablet form (instead of IV) are key advantages of the antiviral, which is a sister drug to remdesivir. Appili CEO Armand Balboni, MD, PhD is available for interview to discuss today’s announcement and what makes REEQONUS (favipiravir) a strong treatment candidate for mild to moderate cases of COVID-19.

Contact: Chantal Chantal Allan | Sam Brown Inc. Healthcare Communications Office +1 613-319-4384 | Mobile +1 310-270-8994 |

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