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The founders of CanBiotech aim to provide a holistic view of models of patient engagement driving health innovation and service development.

Guided by the founders' personal experience as patients in the healthcare system, CanBiotech has developed a nuanced framework to innovate for the whole patient.


The founders of CanBiotech from institutions including M.I.T, Harvard, and Brown University, 

collectively bring over 25 years experience in molecular biology, cancer biology, gene therapy, and drug delivery systems development.



INNOVATION management

Serving also as faculty at the University of Waterloo, the founders have over 20 years experience in innovation management, open innovation model development, knowledge management, and designing for the consumer.


CanBiotech provides one-on-one and group-based training and consulting services in the following areas:

  • open innovation strategy development

  • organizational learning

  • patient engagement strategy development

  • designing for the whole patient

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