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Can Biotech - 4th Annual Human Factors Excellence for Medical Device Design
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CanBiotech provides the following Newsletters:

The CanBiotech Newsletter: Bringing you information about North American Therapeutic Biotechnology happenings and CanBiotech's networks. 
Members can opt in to receive the HTML version of the newsletter of the network during the registration process.

Newsletters are sent out once a month to keep our members informed of:
New services on a CanBiotech network.
Updates on CanBiotech-including the directory, the marketplaces, the career section.
Member highlights.
Industry Events.
Industry News.

Members can also change the format of the newsletter and/or sign up for our other newsletters. Members must subscribe to other CanBiotech network newsletters (i.e. beyond the network of initial registration) to receive them on a monthly basis.

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