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Home: The community home page is an assimilation of the features from other tabs located under the Community heading. This home page can be customized after login by content and portlet spatial arrangement.

Events: The events tab will feature the following calendars:

Canadian Biotech Events
Canadian Ag-Biotech Events
U.S. Biotech Events
World Biotech Events
Research & Development Events
Bioinformatics Events
Microtechnology Events
Clinical Events
Regulatory Events
Manufacturing Events
Validation Events
Marketing Events
Training Events
E-Biotech/E-Pharma Events

The orange arrow will link you to the event site. The title link will open up a window containing event information provided by CanBiotech. Use the maximize button to view all events under each portlet. Contact CanBiotech at if you know of an event that members will be interested in and would like to list it in a CanBiotech calendar.

Conference Reporter: The conference reporter functionality allows conference organizers, conference speakers and CanBiotech members to upload pre and post-conference non-confidential presentations, documents, etc. from biotech events, thought to be of relevance to CanBiotech members and visitors to the site. Contact CanBiotech at if you are conference organizer and would like to post abstracts, white papers or presentations from your conference for free or for pay (and under security) for download.   

My Workspace: Use the workspace to manage your own personal contacts and favorites (links). You will have to register and login in order to manage/edit your personal contacts and links.

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