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Building the Patient Centric Organization
February 2015

Successfully adopting the patient centric perspective proves to be a challenge for biopharmaceutical organizations.

Patient Centricity: Pfizer's Engagement with Patients
January 2015

To better enable patient engagement across the drug discovery and development value chain, the company has become more systematic, progressing beyond the simple engagement of patients in clinical trials.

Montreal hospital to introduce “quiet time” in maternity ward
The hospital is teaming up with researchers from McGill University to launch the project.

Design for Health
January 2015

Explore principles of design-thinking and patient-centered design, and examine their impact on innovating solutions to healthcare problems.

University-Foundation Pa
November 2014

What's the one thing you would change about university-foundation partnerships? That was the opening question at the September 2014 TRAIN (The Research Acceleration and Innovation Network) workshop, where more than 60 stakeholders representing academic research institutions, nonprofit disease foundations, industry, investors, and the legal community, convened in Boston to address university-foundation partnerships.

Patient Focused Drug Development
October 2014

Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Patient-Focused Drug Development Initiative (PFDDI) is a new program established by the 2012 Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act (FDASIA). The PFDDI is a series of 20 disease-specific public meetings designed to gather patient perspectives on conditions with serious unmet medical need.

Patient-Contributed Tumor Genetics Data: A Pathway to Better Drug Development
As genetic testing and study become increasingly important to our understanding of cancer, researchers will need to develop scalable approaches to obtaining genetic information from patient tumors to accelerate and improve drug development. -

Sharing Clinical Data: A Paradigm Change
June 2014

Pharmaceutical companies are now seeing the benefits of sharing clinical trial or patient data to create a pool of data-allowing for the emergence of patterns which might assist further studies.
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Infographic: Is Scientific Collaboration Broken?
June 2014

The people at Science Exchange surveyed over 1,500 scientists about their collaborations. This infographic summarizes the enlightening data they garnered.

Pooling Resources, Targeted Clinical Trials
May 2014

The public and private sectors are increasingly pooling resources. For example, under the Accelerating Medicines Partnership, the NIH and ten biopharmaceutical companies will fund a five-year effort to validate promising targets in three disease areas. In cancer research the goal is to test multiple therapies in a single trial and identify the most responsive patients.

AstraZeneca turns to Open Innovation
May 2014

Astra has developed partnerships with health charities, academic researchers and even its competitors. The collaborations include the sharing of early-stage research with mutual knowledge usage rights.

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