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How to Generate Powerful Ideas by Thinking Laterally
Innovation Management   28 Jul 2016
Mapping the Human Connectome
The Scientist   21 Jul 2016
Customer Experience Design
Chief Innovator Online   21 Jul 2016
Transformational Shift: New Business Models in Healthcare
Frost & Sullivan   19 Jul 2016
Congress passes biotech food-labeling bill
New York Times   19 Jul 2016
The Design Driven Manager
Innovation Management   6 Jul 2016
The Case For Innovation
IdeaScale   6 Jul 2016
9 Steps for Establishing Your Employee Engagement Plan
Innovation Management   23 Jun 2016
New Research from Accenture Reveals Gap in Pharma R&D’s Journey to Delivering Better Patient Outcomes
Business Wire   20 Jun 2016
The White Paper "Collaborative Patient Engagement: Mapping the Global Landscape - A first step in co-creating an action-orientated framework for patient engagement"
PFMD   13 Jun 2016
Design Research Meets Design Practice at the Inflection Point
DMI   13 Jun 2016
Systematize Innovation
Innovation Management   18 May 2016
Six Levers For Solving The Corporate Innovation Problem
Innovation Management   11 May 2016
7 Strategies for Sustained Innovation
Innovation Management   29 Apr 2016
Improving the Safety Profile and Efficacy of Drug Formulation for Children
Marcus Evans   29 Apr 2016
Intrapreneurship Conference
CanBiotech   29 Apr 2016
Coalition issues drug pricing proposals
BioCentury   29 Apr 2016
Design Centered Entrepreneurship
Simplexity U   18 Apr 2016
2nd Annual Patient Innovation Awards
Patient Innovation   13 Apr 2016
Roche Life Science Alliances: Moving Forward from “Traditional” Alliance Management
Marcus Evans   1 Apr 2016

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Do Patents Promote or Hinder Innovation
A petition recently filed with the Supreme Court triggers renewed debate about the role of patents in the diagnostics sector.

Innovation Communities
The Communities of Practice concept is a key lever for innovation, but often overlooked. The best innovation programs leverage CoPs to support continuous innovation across an organization.

WEBINAR: How Pfizer Built a Global Innovator Network
Pfizer's Daniel Seewald explores the keys to success in creating a global network of innovation “champions” over scarcely more than two years.

Using the Internet to Raise Disease Awareness
The continued rise of social media and the various fundraiser pages can be great for any disease awareness campaign. Patients who have the diseases that are being campaigned for are more likely to engage via social media than the other campaign methods.

Strategies for Patient Engagement
Positive and credible engagement of patients is critical for completion of clinical trials and to achieve business results. The CLEAR method leverages: credibility, literacy, expectation management, accessibility and that relates to patients.
Precision Medicine Intiative
Precision Medicine is an innovative approach that takes into account individual differences in people’s genes, environments, and lifestyles.

Patient Engagement Practices in Clinical Research among Patient Groups, Industry, and Academia in the United States: A Survey
This study aims to gain a better understanding of attitudes and practices for engaging patient groups.
Partnership between Pharma and Patients
Jane Griffiths, Company Group Chairman, Janssen EMEA discusses the relationship between industry and patients.
Learning more from Patients Regarding Engagement
What can learn pharma from patients regarding engagement expectations including data collection, communication and the usage of technology.

A Focus on People, Ideas and Culture: Bayers Model of Innovation
Bayer's model of innovation is a holistic model for people and their ideas. The model assists with the creation, nurturing, and enhancing of people and ideas.

Engaging patients for drug repurposing: Mapping the patient engagement continuum
November 2015
The chance exists to engage patients directly through crowd research and patient journey mapping as well as indirectly through patient health information to seek new opportunities for drug repurposing. Case examples are used in this article to shed light on programs that have been initiated by a variety of stakeholders including patients themselves to elucidate drugs that potentially are candidates for drug repurposing.

Patient Research Priorities
October 2015
Is there a disparity between what patients think are research priorities and the focus of academic/industry studies? Patients become experts in regard to disease and health management; their research priorities can often differ from those of academic/industry based researchers.

atient Engagment/Engaged Thinking Social Community Launched
September 18 2015
Visit CanBiotech's new patient engagement and engaged thinking community. Participate in the development of the concept of engaged thinking in health innovation and the identification of "lead patients".

Listening to Patients
September 2015

In its own move to patient centricity, Sanofi seeks to use practical cases internally to illustrate to staff how things can change toward patient centricity.

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