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Fostering Behavior Change for Better Health

Using design thinking, researchers developed five distinct patient segments and created journey maps to chart the experiences of patients from each of these segments from diagnosis to long-term treatment adherence in the context of HIV management.

Sanofi to Collaborate with Google Life Sciences to Improve Diabetes Health Outcomes
September 2015

The collaboration will pair Sanofi’s leadership in diabetes treatments and devices with Google’s expertise in analytics, miniaturized electronics and low power chip design. The companies will explore how to improve diabetes care by developing new tools that bring together many of the previously siloed pieces of diabetes management and enable new kinds of interventions. This includes health indicators such as blood glucose and hemoglobin A1c levels, patient-reported information, medication regimens and sensor devices.


The Lilly COI API and TrialReach: A Story of Innovation
August 2015

A vision for inclusive and participatory clinical knowledge generation, with particpation by all including patients in the clinical research ecosystem. Participatory is at the core of open innovation at Lilly.

Patient Engagement and Cultural Competence
July 2015

Should the pharmaceutical industry consider cultural competence a driver for more holistic patient engagement? Care providers and health care organizations are seeking to align patient engagement and cultural competency to better understand disease management and compliance issues.

Pfizer's Global Innovation Network
June 2015

In this webinar, Pfizer's Daniel Seewald explores the keys to success in creating a global network of innovation “champions”.

An Interview with Novartis
June 2015

In this interview, the CEO of Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis, Joseph Jimenez, discusses how digitization is driving innovation, and why Novartis is shifting to an outcomes-based approach for patient treatments.

Pharma Behind Other Industries in Customer Engagement

Expanded Patient Role
June 2015

Patient engagement can be traced across the drug-development pipeline including the impact of recent policy initiatives, and prospects moving forward.

Exploring open innovation with a patient focus in drug discovery: an evolving paradigm of patient engagement
It is suggested in this article that patient engagement should occur further upstream during the drug discovery stage. ‘Lead patients’, namely those patients who are proactive with respect to their health, possess knowledge of their disease and resulting symptoms. They are also well informed about the conventional as well as non-conventional treatments for disease management; and so can provide a nuanced perspective to drug design.
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Healthier Mothers, Healthier Children: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty
April 2015

A Patient Engagement Framework: Leveraging E-Health Tools
April 2015

The HIMSS patient engagement framework outlines patient engagement strategies that leverage eHealth tools and resources to transform patients into partners rather than isolated consumers.

Partnering for Health-Patients, Pharma and Clinical Trials

Patients, Prevention and Partnerships
March 2015

New AMA, CDC Initiative Aims to "Prevent Diabetes STAT"
CHICAGO, Thursday, March 12, 11:24 AM
With more than 86 million Americans living with prediabetes and nearly 90 percent of them ...

First independent U.S. psoriasis registry will track drug safety and effectiveness
PORTLAND, Ore., Thursday, February 26, 8:18 AM
People with psoriasis and their health care providers will have the opportunity to participate in...

Health, Prevention and Collaboration
Collaboration between the public health and health-care sectors will enable for the better use of prevention and early detection services. This collaborative approach seeks to build communities that encourage health first rather than disease management only.

Co-Creating with Employees and Patients
March 2015

Empathy, patient-centricity and co-creation are re-shaping both drug development and clinical trials at Roche.
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Klaus Griesar, Merck KGaA: Tips for Breakthrough Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Source: ISPIM, 2014

Open Innovation: Creating a Network of Programs and Tools at Siemens
March 2015

TechnoWeb is an internal social media tool allowing Siemens to network more than 35,000 experts within approximately 1,200 technology-oriented communities. It is an open platform; every Siemens employee can open a new network or join existing ones.

Building the Patient Centric Organization
February 2015

Successfully adopting the patient centric perspective proves to be a challenge for biopharmaceutical organizations.

Patient Centricity: Pfizer's Engagement with Patients
January 2015

To better enable patient engagement across the drug discovery and development value chain, the company has become more systematic, progressing beyond the simple engagement of patients in clinical trials.

Design for Health
January 2015

Explore principles of design-thinking and patient-centered design, and examine their impact on innovating solutions to healthcare problems.

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