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Franco-Quebecois Forum for Health Innovation (FFQIS): successful second edition strengthens international partnerships
Medicen Paris Region, the French Alliance for Life Sciences and Health (Alliance française pour les sciences de la vie et de la santé - Aviesan), MEDTEQ and Polytechnique Montréal and TransMedTech, alongside several French and Quebecois partners, declared the second edition of the FFQIS a great success.

Market Intelligence Oriented Culture: a Key Driver for Innovation
Is the organization culture market oriented? Does the culture stimulate openness, collaboration and willingness for change? What kinds of behaviors are promoted? What type of knowledge is collected and treated?

Reluctance to share innovations means lost opportunities for life sciences firms
What is the impact from this reluctance to share data with sector peers.

Jay Bradner: leading Novartis into age of digitally-enabled discovery
Jay Bradner, head of Novartis’ drug discovery, talks about the firm’s drive to transform itself into ‘a medicine and data science company’.

Call for Diabetes Innovation Solutions
A call for innovative solutions in diabetes. Will your innovation improve the lives of those affected by diabetes? Here’s your opportunity. Accepting applications through January 31st.

Open Access Platform for Molecules
Boehringer Ingelheim recently announced the launch of a new platform, called opnME.com, which offers free and open access to selected preclinical molecules for non-clinical investigation.

Rethinking Big Pharma's Business Model
Aled Edwards’s University of Toronto lab offers an open science business model as one solution to investment challenges.

Advancing Drug Discovery Through Academic–Industry Collaboration
Genestack recently announced hat they were joining the Milner Therapeutics Institute. partners. The institute’s mission is to convert scientific research into promising therapies, enabling successful collaborative research ventures, and the creation of new biotech companies.

The rise of open source search in pharma R&D
Read more abou the open source search technologies to analyze big data.

Pandor pushes for Africa to develop pharmaceuticals
Pandor said it was essential for African researchers to get involved in finding solutions for the health problems of Africa.

Getting Closer to the Patient
Customer Experience in the Pharmaceutical Sector

The New World of Patient Engagement
One company's changing relationship with patients

Patient Engagement: An Essential Strategy For Pharma
Better engagements with patients and consumers may be critical for better and more efficient outcomes.

Parexel international - announces collaboration with Sanofi to advance use of wearable devices to transform collection of data in clinical trials
Parexel international - collaboration designed to explore potential of patient sensors, wearable devices to remotely collect patient data during clinical trials

What is happening in online open innovation
Explores how organizations can leverage online platforms to engage stakeholders.

Recorded Webinar

7 Ways to Appeal to Your Customers through IoT
This articles explores how organizations can redefine and improve customer relationships through IoT.

Medicen Paris Region strengthens ties with Medteq cluster and Greater Montreal ecosystem
Funding of Franco-Canadian collaborative project and joint event on artificial intelligence among planned actions to bring medical device companies closer in 2017

Danforth Center Expands Major Research Program to Benefit Farmers in the Developing World
ST. LOUIS, Wed, Jan 25 2017 10:06 AM
The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, one of the world's largest independent plant science institutes, today announced a three-year $6.1 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to expand

The Four Essential Steps Towards Open Innovation Success
In 2013, researchers Dr. Joel West (Keck Graduate, Institute of Applied Life Sciences) and Dr. Marcel Bogers (University of Southern Denmark) suggested a four-phase model for inbound innovation projects. They emphasized that open innovation needs to go further than just obtaining external ideas.

Exactis Innovation brings together Quebec cancer centres to increase patient access to personalized cancer therapy
MONTREAL, Tue, Dec 13 2016 5:59 AM
Unique digital cancer registry "Personalize My Treatment" stores genetic and molecular data to match cancer patients to clinical trials Five major Quebec cancer treatment centres are partnering with Montreal

The Global Innovation Index
Thurs, Aug 18 2016
The Global Innovation Index 2016 (GII), in its 9th edition this year, is co-published by Cornell University, INSEAD, and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO, an agency of the United Nations). The core of the GII Report consists of a ranking of world economies’ innovation capabilities and results.

Changing Processes of Innovation
Wed, Aug 17 2016
Cisco Chief Technology and Strategy Officer Padmasree Warrior explains how the process of innovation has changed over the past few centuries.

Crown Prince of Dubai Launches Dubai Future Accelerators Program: to Address Seven Key Civic Challenges
DUBAI, UAE, Wed, Jul 27 2016 12:06 PM
- Dubai to create a new program to reward innovative companies around the world - Companies will compete to solve seven key "21st century challenges" - The program is designed to create new partnerships

New round of research and innovation funding aimed at growing sustainable bioeconomy in Alberta
EDMONTON, Wed, Jul 27 2016 12:00 PM
Projects focus on novel bioproducts and disruptive technologies that use Alberta biomass Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions (AI Bio) has approved nearly $13 million in funding for 61 projects by researchers

INC Research Extends Catalyst Program with Launch of Vaccine Catalyst Site Network
Wed July 27
Therapeutically-aligned network offers high-performing sites in vaccine research the opportunity for more trials, speeds vaccine development for biopharmaceutical customers

INC Research and CISCRP Announce Judging Panel, Sponsors and Mentors for “Inspiring Hope” Ideathon Event
Wed July 27

Diverse and growing number of leading organizations participating in groundbreaking event to explore innovative new ideas for increasing awareness of clinical trial participation

Media Advisory - Alberta Innovates Bio Solution invites media to major research & innovation funding announcement
EDMONTON, Fri, Jul 22 2016 2:37 PM
Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions (AI Bio) invites media outlets to a major funding announcement on Wednesday, July 27. We will be announcing more than 60 projects by researchers and companies who are being

Governments of Canada and Quebec Support Innovative Renewable Fuel Oil Project
PORT-CARTIER, QC, Friday, Jul 13
Support for clean technology innovation helps foster a thriving middle class and opens the country to new economic, social and environmental possibilities. With its abundance of renewable biomass, Canada

IBD Unmasked, a First-of-its-Kind Global Awareness Initiative, Launches to Support and Empower the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Community
OSAKA, Japan, Wed, Jul 13 2016 2:19 AM
Takeda unveils new IBD…

Good Samaritan Hospital First on the West Coast to Offer Naturally Dissolving Heart Stent to Patients with Coronary Artery Disease
LOS ANGELES, Tue, Jul 12 2016 3:47 PM

Michael J. Fox Foundation, Van Andel Research Institute And The Cure Parkinson's Trust Collaborate To Assess The Clinical Use And Development Of Nilotinib In Parkinson's Disease
NEW YORK and GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. and LONDON, Tue, Jul 12 2016 10:54 AM

International Collaboration to Create New Cancer Models to Accelerate Research
July 11, 2016 / B3C newswire / -- An international project to develop a large, globally accessible, bank of new cancer cell culture models for the research community launches today (Monday).
The National Cancer Institute (NCI), Cancer Research UK, the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and the foundation Hubrecht Organoid Technology are joining forces to develop the Human Cancer Models Initiative (HCMI) which will bring together expertise from around the world to make around 1,000 cancer cell models.

New genomic application projects to spur innovation across many Canadian sectors
VICTORIA, BC, Mon, Jul 11 2016 1:00 PM
Improvements in cancer treatment, plant breeding, bioremediation and oil and gas exploration expected from latest suite of funded partnerships between academics and genomic users

Pfizer Builds Global Biotechnology Center In China
Jul 7, 2016
The center will produce affordable biosimilar mediclines for patients globally as well as in China.

LEO Pharma Enters Biologics Through Strategic Partnership With AstraZeneca
BALLERUP, Denmark, Fri, Jul 1 2016 2:31 AM
LEO Pharma is a significant step closer to realising its vision of becoming the preferred dermatology care partner following a strategic partnership with AstraZeneca announced today.

OCFP and OTN partner to help physicians leverage virtual care solutions
TORONTO, Wed, Jun 29 2016 11:22 AM
The Ontario Telemedici…

 Innovation Blogs   Show all: Innovation Blogs

Fostering Behavior Change for Better Health

Using design thinking, researchers developed five distinct patient segments and created journey maps to chart the experiences of patients from each of these segments from diagnosis to long-term treatment adherence in the context of HIV management.

Sanofi to Collaborate with Google Life Sciences to Improve Diabetes Health Outcomes
September 2015

The collaboration will pair Sanofi’s leadership in diabetes treatments and devices with Google’s expertise in analytics, miniaturized electronics and low power chip design. The companies will explore how to improve diabetes care by developing new tools that bring together many of the previously siloed pieces of diabetes management and enable new kinds of interventions. This includes health indicators such as blood glucose and hemoglobin A1c levels, patient-reported information, medication regimens and sensor devices.


The Lilly COI API and TrialReach: A Story of Innovation
August 2015

A vision for inclusive and participatory clinical knowledge generation, with particpation by all including patients in the clinical research ecosystem. Participatory is at the core of open innovation at Lilly.

Patient Engagement and Cultural Competence
July 2015

Should the pharmaceutical industry consider cultural competence a driver for more holistic patient engagement? Care providers and health care organizations are seeking to align patient engagement and cultural competency to better understand disease management and compliance issues.

Pfizer's Global Innovation Network
June 2015

In this webinar, Pfizer's Daniel Seewald explores the keys to success in creating a global network of innovation “champions”.

An Interview with Novartis
June 2015

In this interview, the CEO of Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis, Joseph Jimenez, discusses how digitization is driving innovation, and why Novartis is shifting to an outcomes-based approach for patient treatments.

Pharma Behind Other Industries in Customer Engagement

Expanded Patient Role
June 2015

Patient engagement can be traced across the drug-development pipeline including the impact of recent policy initiatives, and prospects moving forward.

Exploring open innovation with a patient focus in drug discovery: an evolving paradigm of patient engagement
It is suggested in this article that patient engagement should occur further upstream during the drug discovery stage. ‘Lead patients’, namely those patients who are proactive with respect to their health, possess knowledge of their disease and resulting symptoms. They are also well informed about the conventional as well as non-conventional treatments for disease management; and so can provide a nuanced perspective to drug design.
Read More:

Healthier Mothers, Healthier Children: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty
April 2015

A Patient Engagement Framework: Leveraging E-Health Tools
April 2015

The HIMSS patient engagement framework outlines patient engagement strategies that leverage eHealth tools and resources to transform patients into partners rather than isolated consumers.

Partnering for Health-Patients, Pharma and Clinical Trials

Patients, Prevention and Partnerships
March 2015

New AMA, CDC Initiative Aims to "Prevent Diabetes STAT"
CHICAGO, Thursday, March 12, 11:24 AM
With more than 86 million Americans living with prediabetes and nearly 90 percent of them ...

First independent U.S. psoriasis registry will track drug safety and effectiveness
PORTLAND, Ore., Thursday, February 26, 8:18 AM
People with psoriasis and their health care providers will have the opportunity to participate in...

Health, Prevention and Collaboration
Collaboration between the public health and health-care sectors will enable for the better use of prevention and early detection services. This collaborative approach seeks to build communities that encourage health first rather than disease management only.

Co-Creating with Employees and Patients
March 2015

Empathy, patient-centricity and co-creation are re-shaping both drug development and clinical trials at Roche.
Read more..

Klaus Griesar, Merck KGaA: Tips for Breakthrough Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Source: ISPIM, 2014

Open Innovation: Creating a Network of Programs and Tools at Siemens
March 2015

TechnoWeb is an internal social media tool allowing Siemens to network more than 35,000 experts within approximately 1,200 technology-oriented communities. It is an open platform; every Siemens employee can open a new network or join existing ones.

Building the Patient Centric Organization
February 2015

Successfully adopting the patient centric perspective proves to be a challenge for biopharmaceutical organizations.

Patient Centricity: Pfizer's Engagement with Patients
January 2015

To better enable patient engagement across the drug discovery and development value chain, the company has become more systematic, progressing beyond the simple engagement of patients in clinical trials.

Design for Health
January 2015

Explore principles of design-thinking and patient-centered design, and examine their impact on innovating solutions to healthcare problems.

 Patient Health and Engagement Blog   Show all: Patient Health and Engagement Blog

Visit CanBiotech's new patient engagement and engaged thinking community. Participate in the development of the concept of engaged thinking in health innovation and the identification of "lead patients".

FDA Sets Inaugural Meeting of First-Ever Patient Engagement Advisory Committee
An FDA advisory committee will focus on patient-related issues. On Oct. 11-12, 2017, FDA will hold the inaugural meeting of the new Patient Engagement Advisory Committee (PEAC). The topic will be the challenges of clinical trial design, conduct, and reporting identified by patients.

5 Patient Engagement Terms Shaping Value-Based Care

From chronic disease management to risk stratification, these patient engagement terms are critical to delivery of patient centric value-based health care.

The future of the clinical trial – collaboration and patient centricity
A webinar hosted by pharmaphorum in conjunction with INC Research looked into the question of how greater patient centricity, collaboration between stakeholders and new technology are re-shaping clinical trials.

What should providers look for when choosing patient engagement technology?
Consumer-grade medical devices are being developed with sophisticated sensors, which collect volumes of data about diet, sleep, heart rate, temperature, blood sugar, and other personal health metrics.

DIA Consideration Guide to Implement Patient Centric Intiatives
This document was designed as a resource for pharmaceutical companies seeking to launch or further develop patient-centric intiatives to support health innovation.

Using data and technology to improve healthcare ecosystems
Reorienting away from product development toward a holistic approach to patients demands the convergence of data from every part of the healthcare system.

Increasing patient engagement in healthcare service design: a qualitative evaluation of a co-design programme in New Zealand
Engaging rural residents in patient-centered health care research

Using Design Thinking to Improve the ER
Learn how Whiteriver Indian Hospital in Arizona employed design thinking to decrease the number of patients who leave the ER without treatment while saving money.

Seniors for Seniors: A Mentorship Program to Prevent Social Isolation and Enable Healthy Living
A 5 seminar series to engage seniors on the topic of social isolation and enable participants to design a healthy living social network. The mentorship programs seeks seniors to empower other fellow seniors through discussion, analysis and social innovation.

Redesigning the Patient Journey through Design Thinking
A design company was hired to speed up the diagnostics time for breast cancer patients in a Norwegian hospital. The result? A reduced waiting time by 90%.

Being patient-centric in a digitizing world
A Danish pharma company’s strong customer focus and determined digital drive have important lessons for other businesses.

Leveraging New Technologies for Better Diabetes Care
Mobile device apps and online portals can expand the number of people who receive diabetes care and optimize how they prevent and treat their diabetes. This form of diabetes care can cater to millennials who are accustomed to using technology to address their needs and to underserved communities that cannot easily access doctor’s visits.

Lessons for Patient Driven Innovation: Rebuild Personas According to Your Next Product Innovation
By exclusively focusing on your persona’s one main need and trying hard to fulfill that need with your product, you can build the next feature with a more focused vision.

Social Media and the Patient Experience
As patients continue to turn to online resources for health care information to guide their care decisions, it is becoming increasingly important for radiologists to engage with patients online via social media platforms.

Important new cancer treatments approved by Health Canada marred by major provincial reality disconnect for patients
Patient access to innovative new cancer treatments seriously limited by provincial funding recommendations across Canada Health Canada recently conditionally approved an advanced new treatment option

What Pharma Can Learn from Patients: A Global Patient Advocate Survey

The Patient Voice within Biopharma
Patient Leadership Councils (PLCs) within life science companies and other healthcare organizations aim to enable for the patient's voice to take root within biopharmaceutical organizations.

It takes two to tango: how shared decision making can help patients and providers make better decisions together
Shared Decision Making
Thursday, September 15, 2016 at 1 PM in Paul Brest Hall, Stanford University.
You make decisions every day. Some are good; some are not as good. Did you know there is a science to decision making that can help people make better decisions more often? In collaboration with Eli Lilly, Medicine X will facilitate a half-day design workshop about improving decision making for patients and providers.

Unique Patient Challenges & Support Solutions in Rare Disease
People who have been diagnosed with a rare disease share their stories, alongside a pharmaceutical executive and health psychology researcher; the authors further reviewed the most recent and relevant adherence and self-management research in rare disease.

Rethink Partnerships with Patient Advocates
Listen to a panel discussion led by Cara Thompson, Director of Advocacy, Celgene, Tammy Russo, Patient Advocacy, Syndax, and Parisa Sanandaji, Associate Director of Patient Advocacy & Professional Relations, Boehringer Ingelheim focused on the most important pharma-stakeholder collaboration: pharma’s relationship with patient advocacy groups.

Boehringer Ingelheim launches 'gamified' COPD initiative
The program
encourages and rewards patient driven disease management

BMS reaches out to patients: The company’s Aspire program is attempting to bring BMS even closer to patients, while improving site relationships, operational analytics, and the value of data collected.

Enabling people-powered health: Radboudumc and Saint Elizabeth Community Enterprise team up to accelerate and magnify global health innovation and impact.

Stakeholders need to work together to embed patients in medicines R&D
Anton (Tony) Hoos – Head of Medical for Amgen Europe – explains why stakeholders need to work together in medicines development.

Focus on the Patient Voice and Compassionate Use in Clinical Trials
Janssen is one company putting programs in place to make sure the patient voice is heard. One area in which the company is leading change in the industry is in the area of compassionate use.

Patient Partnership Principles
The PatientsLikeMe Team of Advisors introduced the Partnership Principles, outlining ways to make the most of the relationships with the many people patients encounter in their health journey.

Shared Decision Making for Successful Patient Engagement
The principal of shared decision making (SDM) promotes collaboration between clinician and patient among different clinical settings. A conceptual SDM strategy for improving patient engagement in neurology was created by researchers at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy in Baltimore, Maryland, and presented at the 2016 annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology (AAN).

Achieving Patient Engagement with Technology
By incorporating wearables and sensors, remote patient monitoring, caregiver collaboration tools into the model of patient care, it has become possible to dramatically increase patient involvement.

3 Ways Technology Can Help Treat Patients as Consumers
Technology can play a key role in meeting the needs of both patients/consumers and healthcare system organizations.

Listen Up: Surveying Patients To Shape Better Designs
Designing treatment spaces with patients.

The Voice of Patients
Patient stories underscore the need for precision medicine

Designing person-centered care for the patient journey
Critical is an understanding of the “patient journey” to source opportunities for patient engagement.

Communicating with Patients
Learn about how making a few simple changes to our health care lexicon can help frame diagnoses in a more positive light and help patients establish a stronger sense of identity.

Healthcare Industry Must Step up Efforts to Enable Successful Consumerization
US consumers appear ambivalent regarding what it means to be proactive or engaged in personal health, says Frost & Sullivan

Precision Medicine: Patient-Centric R&D necessitating education, communication and engagement across diverse populations.

Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, obesity and cardiovascular disease, have a genetic basis and may be triggered by the interaction between a person’s genes and his/her diet.

Novo Nordisk has made patient centricity a central focus of activities incorporating the concept in the organizational structure. A dedicated team focuses on improving patient care, education, engagement, and overall experience. At Janssen Research & Development, the company has developed a new scientific approach, called "disease interception", to not only assist patients living with the disease, but allow for intervention earlier to prevent progression to disease. Read more about knowledge sharing, patient programs, and new research techniques across the pharmaceutical industry as the patient centric drug discovery and development paradigm takes root.

Patient Narratives
Patient narratives allow stakeholders to hear the voice of patients and understand their needs and expectations. Patients cite and share their experiences when asked to complete satisfaction surveys, interact on social media, on doctor review sights, and in compliment and complaint letters. What can we learn from patient narrative use during health service delivery; how can narratives be used to inform upstream drug design?

The labeling and in-store promotion of both healthy foods and healthier low-sodium, low-fat, or lower-sugar-content food choices can increase sales of promoted food items, according to a study by researchers at Johns Hopkins University. The findings suggest an economically feasible model for promoting healthier food purchases and are published on the website of the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior.
“Many people, particularly those who live in low-income neighborhoods, have limited access to healthy foods. We wanted to develop an intervention that could help make healthy choices easier for consumers,” said Pamela Surkan, lead author of the study and assistant professor in the Department of International Health at the university’s Bloomberg School of Public Health.
The Eat Right-Live Well campaign was developed and studied by a collaboration of researchers from the Bloomberg School, the university’s Carey Business School, and the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future.
Source: John Hopkins University

The Diabetes UnConference
A patient-peer conference enabling for discussion, empowerment and health management.

“Future Signs”: How medical technology is disrupting pharma
Download the white paper to learn how to:
Adopt a risk based approach for a cheaper way to clean your data, ensure optimum data quality and patient safety
•Integrate real world and real time data for faster data generation
•Overcome rising R&D costs by utilising big data to identify patient sub groups
•Encourage patient participation by virtualising parts of trials, reduce patient burden and enhance data quality, with mobile and wearable devices

Biomimicry: What lessons can we learn from nature?
The ideas from nature may provide clues to addressing our most pressing needs. What we may come to understand is that the ideas underlying the solutions sought may have already been invented from "biological mentors".

21st Century Cures Act: Seeking to Engage Patients
The 21st Century Cure Act, promises to promote the development and hasten the approval of new drugs and devices-particularly for treatments targeting cancer and rare diseases. The goal is to place the patient in the center of drug discovery and development.

Benefits of Biodiversity to Humans
Biodiversity driven research includes bioengineering, searching for new medicines, improving human nutrition, bioremediation. Read more about biodiversity, implications for humans, and opportunities to preserve our world's biodiversity.

Patient Solutions
Following the patient journey from diagnosis, disease management including treatment choice and optimization, and eventual health management.

--EpiWatch is an epilepsy research study that monitors seizure symptoms with Apple Watch to improve seizure detection, improve medication adherence and enhance quality of life for those who suffer from seizures.

Monitoring Patient Activity
(Graphic: Business Wire)
A recent study by PatientsLikeMe and Biogen monitored walking activity in people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Participants were also surveyed about their experience with the study and attitudes about using a fitness tracker.

DiabetesMine™ Test Kitchen
A video product review site for and by people affected by diabetes. Patients can view and comment on reviews of diabetes related products used by fellow patients. A noteworthy model of patient engagement-allowing for a discussion of personally driven health management strategies.

RxEOB: Empowering Patients through Communication
A recent interview by Dr. Minna Damani, Director of CanBiotech Innovations of Mr. Robert Oscar, CEO and President of RxEOB revealed significant trends with respect to patient communication and stakeholder engagement.

Exploring open innovation with a patient focus in drug discovery: an evolving paradigm of patient engagement
It is suggested in this article that patient engagement should occur further upstream during the drug discovery stage. ‘Lead patients’, namely those patients who are proactive with respect to their health, possess knowledge of their disease and resulting symptoms. They are also well informed about the conventional as well as non-conventional treatments for disease management; and so can provide a nuanced perspective to drug design.
Read More:

FDA taps PatientsLikeMe to test the waters of social media adverse event reporting
PatientsLikeMe has announced a research partnership with the FDA as a way to generate adverse event reports.

The Specialty Care Model
Specialty pharmacies help close the communication and coordination gap by providing and supporting a care model to empower patients and better able to manage their health.

mHealth Engages Heart Failure Patients
Patients who use mobile-based telemonitoring systems for heart failure (HF) self-management feel...

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